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Graham Dare, An Interview

Graham has some interesting thoughts on auras, and he told PN:

When we see 'religious' paintings they invariably have a glow around the 'Saintly' people in them. This is sometimes referred to as a halo. The original drawers of these paintings therefore, must have had the ability to see the aura around these people, and notice that they were giving off a positive energy.

Spiritual energy cannot normally be seen, like we see the normal colours of the rainbow in the wavelengths we can see of the electro-magnetic spectrum. But the fact that we cannot normally see this does not mean it does not exist. We cannot see magnetism, radioactivity, radio waves, etc., but science has discovered them. Most of the universe consists of 'black' matter that we cannot see, but scientific calculations show that this matter/energy exists, and science will one day discover how to communicate with this spiritual energy.

As mediums we train ourselves to alter the state of our minds to be able to see things that we cannot see while in normal consciousness. We can also hear and feel things in this state also, that would not normally be possible. Once we learn to link with spirit, we can then learn to use this link for such skills as healing, clairvoyance, inspired talking and so on. Our bodies are controlled by electrical energy from the brain, via
our nervous system, and as with any electrical device, a magnetic field is created around it.

For us to be healthy we need to be in a 'negative' magnetic environment, which is natural in the countryside, but in towns there is the friction caused by buildings as the wind passes by which creates a 'positive' charge, which is bad for us. This is made much worse by electrical equipment around us such as TVs and computers. An ioniser is used by many people in the world to counter this, but healing has the same effect of regularising the magnetic charge of our auras.

As we learn to read the aura, we will find that some colours will indicate different conditions of mind, and body, but the meanings of these colours will mean different things to different mediums, so we must use our own intuition to interpret these from experience; in the same way that clairvoyant symbols mean different things to different

To see the aura it helps to be in a dark room, and in order to alter the state of one's mind it is best to stare at the space just behind the person, and try not to blink too often, then after a while you will find that the surroundings blur, and the aura will start to appear.

We all have different skills as mediums, and some people will make more use of the aura than others. We must concentrate on the skills we find we have through our development pathways. Some skills will also come later than others.