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Paper on Testing Mediumship

Paper on Testing Alledged Mediumship

Richard Wiseman Hertfordshire University
Ciaran O'Keefe Liverpool Hope University

The 5 top UK mediums (who are all Spiritualist National Union Class B members) were tested with anonymous sitters in separate rooms with no visual, sound, etc., contact before, during, or after.

Graham Dare was medium 2.

Results: Inspection of the data revealed that there was only one occasion (medium 2's, reading for sitter B) when the sitter for whom a reading was intended assigned a higher rating to the reading than the other four sitters.
For mediums 1-5 respectively:
Total diagonal ratings were 787, 1440, 78, 356 and 1469 (making medium 2 a close 2nd).
Consistency p-values were 0.89, 0.27, 0.27, 0.77 and 0.66 (making medium 2 the most consistently good, and medium 3 the most consistently bad).