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19/03/04 Caroline Feraday

Graham predicted that Charles and Camilla would marry as he saw a smile on their faces.

Graham predicted that Blair would just win the 2005 election.

Graham correctly guessed the star sign (Gemini) of the Celebrity Guest (Clare Nasir from GMTV Weather)

Telephone callers:

Helen: 'The description of the career change made sense and yes there was a break with someone female before they passed on.'

Gerrard: 'Yes, the boxed in descripion is because I am a taxi driver.'

Claire: 'Yes, I feel anxious'.

Steve: 'Yes, I my feelings will change when my son is born.'

Mike: 'Yes, the cat would have taken the wrong turn as we have moved'

Nadia: 'Yes, I have eye strain from the PC.'

Mark: 'Yes, I can understand a celebration as I am a student.'

Adam: 'Yes, it does make sense that I have a fear of success.'

Susan: 'Yes, my poetry was successful. Yes, I feel my late Mum coming and going. Yes, I feel my right hand being brushed by her.'

Helen: 'Yes I think my marriage will hold from separation.'

Rachael: 'Yes, my career is busy.'

Sabrina: 'Yes, I enjoy studying.'

Anne: 'Yes my husband would put his head on one side to show he was listening'.

Mira: 'Yes, my child is taking 3 exams.'

Sharon: 'Great, I recognise that success.'

Leanne: 'Yes, I need to concentrate while driving.'

Janet: 'Yes, my loss was 2 years ago.'

Note: Graham also did Crystal Ball readings at the LBC Xmas Parties in 2004 and 2005 and the organiser e-mailed to say respectively 'I've had lots of people coming up to me saying how great they thought it was' and 'it was amazing; the feedback was excellent and everyone had a fab time'.