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Illustrated London News, Healing'

Who Dare's wins', Claire Roberts

Article in Illustrated London News, Xmas 2002

Spiritual healer Graham Dare's work is based on the belief that there is a spirit world from which he is able to "tap" energy.

He explains his method: "During a session I become a channel for healing energy, tuning in to found out when, and where, to move next on the body. Healers do not use their own power - it comes from the spirit guides with whom we communicate."

An hour long session is an intense experience. The first touch might come as a shock - even though he is merely resting his hands on you, a warm, pulsing sensation is immediately palpable. Such is the soothing nature of the therapy that patients often fall asleep. Graham's healing hands treat a wide range of symptoms, and he can also give a clairvoyant reading. Non-believers take heed - this guinea pig was cured of a condition that had plagued her for years. Tel: 020 7831 9387