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Evening Standard, Clairvoyance

'My own surprising brush with the paranormal', Tasha Kosviner

March 2003

Tasha Kosviner, with the spirit of scepticism, investigates the other side.

I visited the clairvoyant Graham Dare, who practices in a consulting room in
London's diamond capital, Hatton Garden.

A softly spoken man, Graham claims to use his contact with the spirits to be
able to read things from everyday objects. I had a passport in my bag that I
handed to him, explaining that I had been on a trip to France on Sunday.

"That's funny," he mused when he had hold of it. "I am getting the strong
sense that you went away on Saturday." Then I realised my mistake - I had
indeed gone away on Saturday.

He also handled my boyfriend's passport and, pulling at his earlobe,
announced that my boyfriend had a sore left ear. Bizarrely, he had just had
his left ear pierced.