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Discovery Health Channel

'Alternatives Uncovered', December 1999

"I went along to the Spiritualist Church for healing myself and through being given spiritual messages and through being given healing I was made better. That gave me the Faith to work myself, initially to train as a medium"
Graham Dare

"The practitioners have to have .....from three to five years full time training and they have to have a number of years experience before they can start practising. Graham Dare worked here for over 5 years from Oct/98 until he retired from healing Feb/04."

"Healing is a gift, so you have to use your judgement and look at their background with Healers, to see if they really have the gift"

Four hundred years ago King Henry VIII started the first Royal fund for Spiritual Healers. Queen Elizabeth is known to carry around a black bag filled with Homeopathic Remedies

The quotations above are taken from the Discovery Health Channel programme, 'Alternatives Uncovered'.